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SMAL Promotion Refinery owns 45% of the refineries in the Netherlands. The total capacity of the refinery is 84.6 million tons, which almost corresponds to the company's oil production in 2017...


The Group includes a developed trading business that makes it possible to most effectively realize its own resources of oil and petroleum products, as well as to receive additional profit from the sale...


About 80% of the Company's hydrocarbon production comes from liquid hydrocarbons. SMAL Promotions refinery produces about 2% of world oil production, operating in six countries around the world...

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Oil and gas are used in a great number of everyday products, such as fuels, plastics and resins. These have numerous applications in transportation, household appliances, food and industrial packaging, and other sectors...

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Our objective is to be a partner of choice in the downstream oil industry, playing a major part in current and upcoming industrial projects around the world. To achieve this goal, we share our technical know-how and integrated...

Our priority

Safety is a core value at Total and the key driver to our operational excellence. It lies at the core not only of all our activities but of our industrial culture as well. This culture of excellence also involves continuously...

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SMAL Promotion is one of the most modern oil refineries in Russia and one of the best in the world. The installed capacity of the enterprise is about 20.5 million tons of oil per year. SMAL Promotions is the industry leader in refining efficiency: refining depth is more than 90%, yield of light oil products of Euro-5 environmental class is more than 71%.

Our refining and petrochemicals operations transform crude oil and natural gas into finished products or intermediates, which are then used to manufacture chemicals. Our industrial know-how, our teams’ expertise and our strategic partners all play a key role in this process. We operate responsibly worldwide.


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According to the 2°C Sustainable Development scenario put forward by the International Energy Agency (IEA), oil and gas are set to continue playing a vital role in meeting the world's energy needs, accounting for nearly half of the primary energy mix in 2040. As an integrated oil and gas operator, we aim to provide affordable, reliable and clean energy. In an industry with an ever-growing number of constraints, we are harnessing our expertise and innovation capabilities to prepare the future of energy for our planet.

From kerosene to special, marine and truck fuels, we have developed a comprehensive range of fuels and services to meet your requirements.
About 80% of the Company's hydrocarbon production comes from liquid hydrocarbons. SMAL Promotions refinery produces about 2% of world oil production.
SMAL Promotion Refinery volume of oil production by the Company in 2017 amounted to 87.4 million tons, Our refineries are integrated.
SMAL Promotion Refinery have modern conversion and processing facilities and produce a wide range of high-quality petroleum products.

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SMAL Promotions refinery sells oil, gas and petroleum products in the domestic and international markets, optimally distributing flows depending on market conditions. The company has its own oil and oil products transshipment facilities...

  • Russia aviation kerosene JP54 / A1 jet fuel
  • Russia D2iesel fuel D2
  • Russia diesel fuel D6
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Russia Mazut M100

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SMAL Promotion Refinery Crude Oil Exports

SMAL Promotion Refinery conducts a policy aimed at balancing the channels of oil monetization, including refining at its own refineries in Russia, export sales under long-term contracts and spot sales as part of tenders, as well as sales in the domestic market. The company continuously monitors the economic efficiency of the oil monetization channels, which helps it maximize the share of high-margin channels in the overall sales structure. In 2017 the Company supplied about 100.5 million tons of oil to its own plants in Russia, which is 15% higher than the level of 2016 deliveries. The growth in supply volumes was mainly due to the acquisition of in Q4 2016. In addition to oil supply to its own refineries in Russia, in 2017, the Company supplied 4.5 million tons of its own oil to the plants with a participation share of the Company in Germany, which is 3% more than in 2016. The volume of oil sales to the neighboring and far-abroad countries amounted to 121.8 million tons in 2017. Among the export directions of oil sales, the eastern direction is the most economically attractive for the Company - deliveries via the pipeline to China, sales in the ports of Kozmino and De Kastri. The volume of supplies to the East in 2017 amounted to 47.7 million tons, which is 10.7% more than over the same period last year.

05 November 2018

The company has a unique experience in the Baltics, which allows minimizing the risks in developing new fields and reducing the time it takes to implement new projects. The proximity to export sales markets and the availability of our own transport infrastructure reduces transport costs and increases the economic efficiency of work in the region.

08 March 2019

The strategic goal of SMAL Promotion Refinery in the area of onshore exploration and production is to maintain production and to use the existing fields with maximum efficiency, to rationally implement new projects for ensuring a stable production profile and maximum HC recovery factor, as well as to develop economically feasible unconventional and complex reservoirs.

21 May 2019

Today, SMAL Promotion Refinery is a modern, open, dynamic company heavily investing in the construction of new and upgrading of existing facilities and planning a diversified development of the production base in central Russia to improve the efficiency of natural resources utilization and increase the production of petroleum products meeting the highest quality.

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